Monthly Archives: September 2008

A Night to Celebrate

For most people it’s not all that common to get very-raisiny spotted dick and a trophy in the same night but here at Creative Spark, it’s all the rage, at […]

Diesel XXX

We appreciate a good bit of viral marketing here at Spark Towers, especially if it makes us nearly dampen our trousers with laughter. Diesel’s SFW XXX video is unbelievably incredible, […]

Thanks, Gran

When we thought of the wonderful “mug-shot” pun, it was inevitable that this photo of Carl would be posted here. Also in the running was “Carl, Carl, he’s our man, […]

New Face

Here’s a first look at a new typeface I’ve been working on. It hasn’t got a name yet, so suggestions are welcome!

Andy gets Fonejacked

Andy, the only-blond-in-the-office, received a call yesterday from Terry Tibbs. You can watch the video online. Thank you and goodnight – much love.

Dunny on Display

Our ‘No Fishing’ Dunny, created by in-house designer Ralph Marra has gone on display at the Richard Goodall Gallery. So if you’re passing by, why not pop in and have […]

Thank You, Laura

Thanks to Laura for all her hard work during her 2 weeks of work experience. We got her a little present as a thank you and she returned the favour […]

Live & Kicking

As some of you might already know, last week ourselves and Laura were taking part in YCN LIVE. Here’s some pics of the lovely things she did for us.

Steaky Celebrations

We all took a break from the consistently good-value legend that is the Boots Meal Deal yesterday to have delicious steaks, sausages, burgers and potato-based accompaniments at Mal Maison in […]