The Challenge:

The noisy neighbours. The other half. Welcome to Manchester. We worked closely with MCFC, creating a digital space for their fans that was blue, through and through.


Design • Digital • Strategy


Working on City’s new fan membership program, Cityzens, we gave the scheme its first digital presence. We knew immediately that this new membership program had to place the emphasis squarely back on the fans. So, that’s what we did, by going out and speaking to everyone from the old guard of Maine Road to the next generation of City faithful. We found that than anything else, they wanted a voice. They wanted to be heard. So, our aim had to be to take a strategic approach and create an online experience that drove both engagement and conversion, but on a global scale.

The Statistics

33% of their annual membership target was reached in the 1st month

The task in hand

Create a fan-centric online platform that would appeal to a global audience


Studying the brief, we realised that to give the fans a voice, we needed to give them a platform from which to speak. However, this couldn’t be a 'monthly meeting in the town hall' sort of thing. Football permeates every part of these people's lives, especially on a cultural level, so we had to create a platform that was responsive. It had to allow fans to connect with the club they love, no matter what timezone they are in.


Progress from clients current online branding

A phased approach

Showcase the benefits and value of membership


Once we knew what we wanted to achieve, we had to decide how we were going to do it. Obviously, we could never have made it for the fans without using their favourite colour - sky blue. We also included a subtle reference to the iconic ‘Blue Moon’ in the layout, which was used memorable, poignant photography. We even included an interactive map, indicating where the latest supporters have signed up from, creating transparency for users.

The Facts

We created a map that visualised Cityzen memberships across the globe

The Statistics
1,204,805  visitors since launch


Within the first month of launch, Cityzens had already achieved 33% of their annual membership target. On a personal level, it was nice (having worked with United for several years) to be able to cater to the blue half of our office. We are an equal opportunities employer after all.

“The Cityzens membership scheme was designed with fans at the forefront of the project. We needed an online platform that would bring our fans all over the world together. Using their creative talent and digital innovation, Creative Spark delivered a microsite that had global reach whilst also recognising the heritage of the club. The Spark team were a joy to work with and the site has been very successful since it launched in summer.”
- City Marketing Manager

We wanted our fans all over the world to feel closer to the club they love.The microsite was a crucial part of making this happen and Creative Spark’s digital innovation and creative talent delivered a site that showcased the many features Cityzens offers

The Statistics
17 million  page views since launch