The Challenge:

Having outgrown the Co-operative and reforming under new ownership, Farmcare needed to build a new brand.


Creative • Advertising • Digital


Farmcare was an interesting conundrum. They wanted to retain some of the heritage status they had gained during their 150 year tenure under the Co-op, but they also wanted to stand on their own. We set up special sessions with them, running various brand-related scenarios and asking a series of probing questions to get to the heart of what made Farmcare, Farmcare. We found that within their vast amounts of land, lay a lot of innovation.

The Stats

In 1912 Farmcare acquired its first farm in Coldham, followed by Goole in 1916 and Stoughton in 1919. It now farms on 50,000 acres of land across England and Scotland.

The Challenge

Formerly part of the Co-operative Group, Farmcare needed to set out alone with a new identity


We explored these innovations and found the simple, underlying spark that defines Farmcare: they do everything from the ground up. We also realised agricultural sectors are often dominated by a few large companies, so we had to help Farmcare stand on their own. To do that, we decided it was best to cut the Co-op, dropping their colour scheme and tone of voice. Farmare were proud of their past, but that’s what it was: their past. We had to redefine their future.

The idea

Farmcare do everything from the ground up.

Richard Quinn, Farmcare CEO

“We will provide our customers with outstanding products and services as the UK's leading rural growing business.”


Once we had a framework for the brand, we looked at how this brand would be represented online. When we sat down with Farmcare for this stage, we found that one objective of the site was to showcase their biggest product. Potatoes. Perhaps more importantly though, they wanted to show the positive impact they have on the local communities where the farms are situated. This was all built in.

The Stats

Farmcare markets in excess of 80,000 tonnes of product each year

The Stats

Farmcare 35 varieties of potato at 2 locations across England and Scotland


Continuing with the concept of “everything from the ground up”, we created bespoke photography with a preference for shots from low down, looking up at the heroes of our images. We then took inspiration for the colour pallette from the ground, foliage and crops grown at Farmcare. These new brand guidelines dropped the colours of the Co-op, helping Farmcare to stand alone.

Finally, we built the website from the ground up. Incorporating an intranet for the staff helped us bring all of the farms closer than ever. As a finishing touch, we added subtle transitions and animations to serve as a gentle nod to the liveliness you’ll find within Farmcare’s 50,000 acres.

Website results

We increased website traffic by 34%

The Stats

The website also saw a 35% increase in online users