The Challenge:

Creating an online presence befitting this historic event.

Le Grand Depart

Design • Digital • Strategy


Yorkshire was all set to host The Grand Départ for the 2014 Tour de France. To say it was a big deal is an understatement. 3.5 billion tuned in to watch the race, the region attracted millions of Tour de France tourists and an estimated extra £100 million came in to Yorkshire's economy. Welcome to Yorkshire asked us to create an online presence worthy of this historic event. No pressure.

The Task in Hand

To attract visits before, during and after race day

The Statistics

3.5 billion people tuned in to watch the race.


After looking at everything - the market, the competition, what other similar events had done - we quickly realised we needed was a world-class website. It had to be scalable and it had to instantly connect with a huge and diverse audience. It also needed to attract visits prior to, during and after race day itself. Giving essential race data, as well a an engaging social experience that shared Yorkshire’s great attractions and businesses, was also critical.

A phased approach

The first phase featured an interactive map


Social media was tightly integrated with both phases


Such was the size of the task, we split the website into two phases. The first featured an interactive map where people could follow the stages, their gradients and places of interest along the way. Users could even swap between a photographic and social media view, all via a real-time Instagram feed. The second phase went live in July, providing vital information like how best to avoid traffic, where to park and even where to find the nearest toilet.

The facts

We created hyperlapses to showcase the routes

The statistics

visitors since launch


3,235,788 page views from 1,204,805 visitors since its launch
Popularity growing at an average rate of around 22,000 page views a day
A staggering 157,000 page views from 58,583 visits on the 23rd October when we launched the fully interactive map
An increase in traffic by 1,987% on the 23rd October, compared to the day before.

Vikki Harris, head of Marketing at Welcome to Yorkshire

We enjoyed working with the Creative Spark team as they have a genuine passion for our business and have successfully used their knowledge in user experience and digital innovation to bring some great ideas to life

The Statistics

visitors since launch