The Challenge:

We teamed up with New Balance to showcase the launch of their first football boots.

New Balance

Creative • Advertising • Digital


The challenge: where do you host a launch event, when you don’t have stores in the UK? You can’t exactly throw a houseparty. Also, how do you make a boot launch event that’s unique, when every sports brand has hosted many before? We decided to take over a space. To own it. To invite people to step into the world of New Balance.

The Campaign

"Take chances,
make chances"

The Task

We had to take the existing campaign and turn it into brand experience in a physical space


To do this, we had to look into their brand guidelines. We searched for the spark that would give this event something special, all whilst being uniquely New Balance. That spark - or square in this case - formed the basis of our concept: we would take the square brandmark from their guidelines and bring it to life in the physical world.

The Challenge

How do you stand out in an already saturated market?

The Stats

New Balance are predicted to be within the top 3 sports brands in the next 5 year


New Balance really put their trust in us throughout the whole project. They gave us free creative reign, letting us do what we do best. We started by developing a frame for the boot to sit in or around the square: we could use the boot in the centre or, we could place the boot at eye-level, for the public to interact and engage with. Discussing the ins and outs of a few different options with our New Balance counterparts, we settled on 'perspex' as our creative route. Not only would it allow us to have some fun with the placement of the plinths, but we could also repurpose them for future events.

Ben Howarth, Global Head of New Balance Sports Marketing

“I think it’s amazing, it looks incredibly professional, the boots look amazing, the tech info in the background looks superb. Creative Spark really blew me away.”

What we built

We created a frame for the boot to sit in or around the square: meaning we could place it at eye-level for the public to interact and engage with.


For 4 days, we took over Pro-Direct’s flagship store in London; making the world of New Balance a reality. We left no corner untouched, showcasing the two new styles unveiled by New Balance. One for those who make chances, and one for those who take chances. We even sent out trusty account handler Lewis, not only to handle the logistics in person, but to get stuck into the event itself.

The Celeb

Aaron Ramsey, Arsenal Football Club

The Stats

4 days, 1 ProDirect shop, 1 celebrity appearance, two display styles