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Creative Spark is a company that does exactly that and we have had many success stories with small, local businesses right up to large international brands.

How the Creative Spark Advertising Department Can Help Your Business

One of our recent successful campaigns was with Nottingham Forest Football Club where we helped them to launch a new range of football kit and club-related products at the start of a new football season. With an eye catching, printed direct mail piece showing the range on offer and well displayed outdoor and online advertising, the club were able to get the message out to their supporters that the new season kit was ready and waiting to be snapped up. We know how important it is for football fans to get hold of the new shirt before their friends and this campaign proved to be a huge success in doing that. Fans were able to browse the leaflet, go online to see the full range of products available and then either buy directly or visit one of the club shops to pick out their purchases in person.

Using our wide knowledge of various sectors, we can get under the skin of your target markets and find out how they think and what they want, then work with you to mould your brand into exactly what the customer wants and needs. We never underestimate the research stage, it is an essential part of the advertising campaign, and there is no higher value than knowing your market inside out. We also know exactly how to deliver what your customers want, using a wide variety of different strategic techniques to connect with your customers on every level.

Another outstanding example was our work with the Manchester Airport Group where we helped them to surpass their targets for passenger numbers. We designed a high-impact, thought-provoking advertising campaign with billboards, online display, radio and press adverts that were aimed at potential passengers in Yorkshire. We aimed to show them the benefits and good deals to be had from taking the short trip over the Pennines and then hopping onto a direct flight to popular destinations like Dubai and the USA.

We can devise a successful advertising campaign for any company, any product, any time it is required. We have had great results already and intend to continue getting them.

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