Content Management Systems (CMS)

Content Management Systems

A Content Management System is a set of procedures for adding, managing and publishing content to an intranet, extranet or a website. Any non-technical user can edit and publish content using templates and a simple web-browser interface. The key elements of a Content Management System application are that you can:

  • Create content through templates which requires little or no technical expertise
  • Review content using a set workflow
What are the client’s needs? Who will be adding content and what is their skill level with the technology you plan to use? These questions govern the features that Creative Spark (Manchester) will take into consideration when building your bespoke Content Management System.

High Quality Bespoke Web Design

Let’s look at an example, let’s say that the main goal of building your Content Management System project is to give non-technical users the ability to add text content to a website. They only need to add to the main body of the pages such as press releases, news announcements, calendars of events and descriptions of services. The main navigation, look and feel of the site, and any other features must stay the way they are, and then Creative Spark will build your Content Management System to that affect.

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