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Some of our case studies show exactly how we go about making a splash with creative design and imagery that really capture the customers imagination, and that leads to a result that every client wants…more business!

Although many people feel that advertising is more about the digital world, there is always a space for printed advertisements. Eye-catching design put right under the noise of your customer can be more effective in some cases than that on a smartphone or laptop. Whether it’s a corporate brochure, a leaflet or flyer, our team of creative experts will ensure that you get exactly what you need from your printed marketing materials. Creating printed design work that shows your business off to its best advantage is something we have shown we can do, again and again.

As print marketing is no longer the preferred method of advertising, we find that it can actually be more effective at times. We all remember the days we got home to a pile of marketing material on the doorstep. Much of that went straight into the bin. These days, as direct mail is becoming more of a rarity, they can be that much more outstanding, and are much more likely to be picked up by a customer as an item of interest.

Techniques such as leaflet dropping and mail order brochures; the traditional way of advertising is welcomed still in many industries. You can even put a non-traditional slant on the content to bring it into the digital age with a bit of creativity. Techniques such as including a QR code bring the traditional method into 2014, where a user can scan your marketing material with a smartphone and be instantly directed to your website. At Creative Spark, we bring the right combination of traditional and modern technologies together in our printed marketing materials to give you truly unforgettable pieces of marketing that will give you the edge you need to secure new business.

On another note, did you know that there is a week in May set aside for vegetarians? Well, the organisers of National Vegetarian Week asked us to produce some publicity material for this and, in our opinion, the results were extremely good. Using some fairly rudimentary artistic techniques we produced leaflets, posters and flyers to promote this very healthy week. The images had to portray the products in an imaginative way and the bright colours – yellows, reds, greens and oranges – set just the right tone.

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