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Companies therefore need people like us to get them noticed. Here at Creative Spark, we’re very imaginative when it comes to advertising slogans, graphics and logos; and we guarantee that once our creations are out there they WILL be noticed. We have a lot of high profile names on our client list and we have had great success lately with a couple of really big ones.

Our previous advertising campaigns have seen us work with a variety of well known clients such as Manchester Airport Group, Nottingham Forest Football Club & Singapore Airlines. Our campaigns create a fantastic method of marketing your message to potential customers as they drive along urban roads & motorways. There are plenty of examples of these campaigns in and around big cities with a multitude of display platforms every ten steps.

Whether it's newspaper or magazine, static or electronic billboards; we also have expertise in a number of bus rear and bus wrap techniques as well as other advertising materials & publications. For example, our static displays come in a variety of formats such as 48, 96 and 6 sheet billboards to cater for the variety of platforms in the modern town or city.

Our pedigree in this industry has grown immeasurably as we continue to hit target after target with a variety of advertising mediums. Set out in your initial consultation process with us, each advertising campaign has a number of goals that we look to achieve as a result of a single or multi-channel process. You choose!

These kinds of advertising mediums really are effective because of the fact that so many people see them. Even if you are driving you cannot stop your eyes momentarily taking in an eye-catching advertising display and, sometimes, that message gets through!

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