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While millions of people worldwide will be exposed to radio ads and TV commercials when watching and listening (excluding BBC output of course!) there is an ever-growing section of society that get their media fix from smart phones and tablets. Many might admit that they rarely watch television or listen to the radio at all.

We at Creative Spark were commissioned to produce a promotional video advertising the involvement of Yorkshire in film and TV programmes.. The piece was cleverly designed to show how many films and TV programmes have showcased the county. Think of the story of Dracula (Whitby); Emmerdale and All Creatures Great and Small (the Dales); Heartbeat (the North York Moors) and The Full Monty (Sheffield). Those are just a small number – there have been many more!

We also made an evocative little film promoting a new box set of downloadable songs from the Tamla Motown stable. The imagery in this is reminiscent of the sixties with lots of big American cars, highway signs and diners showing the names of the artists involved - The Four Tops, The Supremes and many others.

Our recent promotional videos and other similar advertising campaigns have helped to increase exposure and engagement throughout the media industry, such as television and radio advertising slots.

Ensuring your TV and radio advertisement is memorable is one of the things that we pride ourselves on here at Creative Spark. Coming up with unforgettable tags means we can ensure your brand is remembered for all the right reasons and at all the right times. Just as it is with video, TV and radio are something that can be taken in subconsciously, to be recalled at a later date, so it’s a great way to advertise!

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