Sony Pictures


Sony Pictures approached us with the task of creating the overarching creative campaign to promote Sony’s Animax, the ultimate Anime destination. Anime are Japanese animated productions featuring hand-drawn, cartoons or computer animation. Sony’s Animax service has the newest Anime shows and the biggest titles in HD quality straight from Japan, free to view once you subscribe. Sony launched Animax TV in the UK in November of 2013.

To hit the brief we created a core look and feel for their Anime off air branding. We looked at the priority of the messaging with clean but eye catching graphics.  The creative needed to be fun, recognisable and have an impact in the marketplace appealing to the primary target market of 18-29 year olds. We did this by using a variety of characters from popular anime shows in the design to create impact. We produced deliverables from press ads to online banners with the ultimate aim of encouraging people to sign up to the subscription service. It was also important to appeal to existing anime fans but attract and convert new users too, typically 15-45 years old. The messaging hierarchy is well thought out and the use of colours compliment the existing Animax branding.