Event Pad

Branding & Website

Event Pad is a leading supplier of event technology. Utilising Apple iPads, Event Pad’s innovative, custom built apps can transform an event, enabling functionality like instant purchasing, or sharing video and audio media. Their bespoke applications provide powerful tools for creating an exciting and interactive experience.

We were given the brief to create a brand identity for Event Pad, and to design a website that really reflected the one-to-one interaction that their product provides. Creating a brand for cutting-edge technology meant our work had to reflect the premium look and feel this industry is renowned for.

We created a simple and slick logo that highlighted the interactivity of the product. Our website design and campaign imagery used a combination of photography and illustration to create real visual impact. The web design highlighted the functionality in a simple way. Plus the bite-sized chunks of copy made it easy to understand the benefits without getting immersed in the complicated technology behind the product.