Hale Country Club

Print, Brand & Web Design

Hale Country Club & Spa is an independent, family-owned business that aims to be the very opposite of the large corporate chain clubs. Boasting an impressive 40,000 square feet over three floors and nestled in quiet countryside, the Hale Country Club provides indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and contemporary food and drink.

Their offering and their brand needed to feel more like a golf club with an element of family fun and friendliness. They knew that their audience would be brand savvy, so the new club had to have a brand and persona that reflected their professional and friendly approach as well as their premium services.

We created a crest logo that gave a sense of quality and heritage. We then used high quality photography combined with an approachable tone of voice in their copy to ensure a premium vibe, but also a friendly personality.

“We really loved the designs that Creative Spark produced. They brought through the heritage that the club wanted to represent but in a stylised, premium way”. Richard Edmunds, General Manager Hale Country Club

Spec for the website design:
WordPress including bespoke booking system / calendar