Ministry of Sound

Running Trax Summer CD Cover

Ministry of Sound is a nightclub based in London and also an associated record label. The Ministry of Sound brand also includes various other products, such as dance music compilations and clothing.

They asked us to design the cover for their latest CD – ‘Running Trax Summer 2012’. Aimed at the ‘Get fit for summer’ market, the compilation contained ‘60 scorching dance anthems to motivate you this summer’. Ministry of Sound explained to us that this is part of their Running Trax series, but were aware that the covers were starting to blend into each other.

So their brief to us was to continue their brand but deliver something fresh. We started by developing the style of the trainer and making it look like a proper running shoe, not the larger, clumpier ‘fashion’ trainer that had been used previously. We created a new trainer with a 2D vector style that jumped off the shelves and moved Ministry of Sound’s Running Trax series on to the next level.