Universal Music

Motown Anthems TV Commercial

From initially being asked to create album artwork, we’ve used our eye for the unique to create high impact visual treatments for motion videos and albums. By developing our relationship with Universal, we were able to create TV commercials and album covers that felt more unified and ultimately worked harder to drive sales for Universal.

“When we pitched Motown Anthems we had a great cover but weren’t sure how to celebrate the history of Motown through a 30 second ad. The pitch we received back from Creative Spark brought the whole cover and concept of the album to life. They really captured the essence of the brief and made it real. They created a beautiful graphic ad for which we later updated for Valentines and Mothers Day. Watching this project come to life and working with Creative Spark was one of the best creative processes I have been through.”  Naz Idelji, Ministry of Sound

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