Tree Accountancy

Interior, Brand & Web Design

A new business accountancy firm, launching in the Northern Quarter of Manchester, wanted a name, brand identity, website, and sales literature to be able to attract creative and media business.

We came up with the name Tree Accountancy. We used the name Tree because it is synonymous with growth, structure, and stability. All of which are key qualities of their business and the businesses Tree wanted to attract.

By creating an illustrated look and feel, we helped to communicate Tree’s personality. This was vital to the success of the project as they really wanted to stand out from the stale accountancy firms within the north west. This meant that Tree would feel more approachable to the creative businesses they were aiming to work with.

We worked in partnership with Tree to create their interior design, business stationery, and direct marketing. We also helped to grow their online presence by providing web design, social media and e.flyers.