Universal Music

Album Covers

Universal Music is the UK’s leading music company and home to major recording artists like Take That, Florence And The Machine, Mumford & Sons, and The Rolling Stones.

Universal came to us as they wanted to bring a different way of thinking and a fresh approach to their solo artists’ brands.  However, the relationship soon flourished to the degree that we are now involved in producing design and branding on a wide range of projects over a number of Universal’s artist genres. We’ve also become involved in their high profile compilation albums.

We brought Universal a new way of looking at their highly visual 3D covers and began to develop 3d covers and TV commercials that could run as a series. This helped to bring together Universal’s different products and gave them more appeal and a unified visual brand identity.

From initially being asked to create album artwork, we’ve used our eye for the unique to create high impact visual treatments for motion videos and albums. By developing our relationship with Universal, we were able to create TV commercials and album artwork that felt more unified and ultimately worked harder to drive sales for Universal.

“Having worked with Creative Spark now for over 5 years I have found them to be a creative breath of fresh air. They take our briefs and give us game changing concepts back. We have found through working with them, the brand recognition of our products have grown and sales have been fantastic. They have opened up new creative doors for us that has lead to a wider target audience interacting with our products.”

“From a social perspective the creatives they offer have lead us to see a 30% increase in social sharing of our covers.  I look forward to seeing what they create every time I work with them.” Naz Idelji, Universal Music

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