Website, Branding & Print

 In 2012 Vitzer burst on to the drinks market. As a vitamin drink that had no extra carbohydrates or sugar, they needed a brand to capture the excitement of this new range of drinks. It needed to be bright, stand off the shelf, complement the colour of the different flavours, and really scream and shout about its good taste. This was in stark contrast to other vitamin drinks on the market. This was appealing to a wide range of consumers, from the health conscious to general feel-good people who wanted to look after themselves.

We were tasked with creating a stand out brand, which felt new, fresh, healthy and vibrant. Our answer to this brief was to create a bespoke circular colour spectrum and a font that was stylish and modern. The fusion of the two worked well for the wide demographic that we needed to appeal to. This striking brand identity worked perfectly as we rolled out the brand for their bottle labels, website and all of Vitzer’s related literature.