Peter Kay

Website Design

Peter Kay is an English comedian, writer, actor, director and producer from Bolton, Lancashire. He is famous for his TV shows and stand-up routines.

Peter Kay’s website had been used in the past just to collect fan data, providing a cost-effective promotion-base for products and events. We were tasked with creating a new website that did more than this. The new site had to reflect Peter’s personality, be easily updated, and be engaging and easy to use.

To really get the site to match Peter’s personality, we worked closely with him at every stage of the project. From selecting the right photography, to coming up with the handwritten notes that are scattered around the site, we combined Peter’s creativity with our own. We also added some creative web development and a user-friendly content management system.

“The website produced by Creative Spark has now given fans a single portal into the world of Peter Kay. Having this website has made information on gigs and upcoming tours more accessible for his fans, allowing for the increase in ticket sales and fan interaction. It was an essential media ingredient for Peter Kay’s last tour, a tour that saw him officially inaugurated into the Guinness World Records as the most successful of all time, playing to over 1.2 million people.”  Paul Coleman, Marketing Manager